Choosing Online Casinos: A Definitive Checklist

In August of 1996, the first casinos went online, ushering in a new industry of online gambling which continues to grow exponentially. Estimates are that at least 164 million people worldwide will be using online casinos by 2018.
Naturally, online casinos are scrambling for a piece of the action and the cut-throat competition means that picking out one that suits your needs is becoming very important for the smart gambler. Ask yourself the following basic questions in choosing online casinos.

1. Have You Ever Heard of Them?
This is critical and may save you the need for vetting if the one you choose is widely known. And if you need to experiment with less-known casinos, do your homework by at least reading through the respective site’s customer reviews.

2. Does The Casino Respond to Phone Calls?
Unlike the traditional casinos in which the staff is right at your table, online gambling requires you to rely on the efficiency of the casino’s Customer Care Desk. If they cannot be reached, that should ideally send alarm bells as to their integrity.
3. Is Their Software Compatible With Your Device(s)?In choosing online casinos, a compatible software will ensure, whether on your desktop or handheld device, that you can still be able to access all the functions of the online casino’s gaming platform. This is especially important if you feel the urge to play away from home.
4. Does The Online Casino Have Unique Games?
Some games such as poker, roulette and slots are now commonplace and innovative online casinos currently offer a wider variety of exciting games such as virtual horse racing or scratchers. With all these options in choosing online casinos, the adventurous gambler need not be stuck with the typical online games.

5. What is The Payout Ratio?
This is the ratio of what you spend versus your winnings. The more the online casino’s payout ratio approaches 100 percent, the better for you. Not so fast, though, this is merely an overall rating for choosing online casinos and does not, in itself, guarantee you of any winnings.
6. Have I Read the Fine Print About Their Bonuses?
In choosing online casinos, you cannot avoid being bombarded with generous offers of bonuses. It is important that you fully understand whether the bonuses are available automatically when you sign up or whether you have to deposit your money first.
Again, understand whether the bonus is in cash or free chances to play best online casino uk . Do not forget to understand other additional requirements for you access the bonus, such as the number of times your deposit has to exceed bonus for the money or free throws to be availed to you.

7. Is the Site Use-Friendly?
Because you might be spending a substantial amount of your time on the site, it pays to check out the general appearance of the graphics and how easy it is to use the site’s features, all of which must make a good impression on you.
Computer graphics have come a long way since the first online casinos came to the scene and finding cutting-edge screen graphics adds to the appeal.

Be Smart
Choosing online casinos need not be rocket science. All it needs is a bit of caution, common sense, and a spirit of adventure. And don’t be too uptight, there are plenty of good online casinos that you may not have heard of, but which are worth a try. Good luck.

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